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Example two, renewable energy source using a metal chamber with a hotplate held over a magma source, water inside the metal chamber, linked to a turbine engine. Steam is then recycled as condensed water and feed back into the original chamber.

Example one, using underwater thermal vents, capped by existing technology that the oil industry has in their deep underwater housing facility.  To be able to adapt that facility as a turbine chamber..

Ideas about renewable energy sources. Research in existing technology to help forward and refine renewable energy In thermal vents. To improve existing technology that can be a renewable energy sources by rethinking already existing theories.

Terra forming Ideas

Floating bio domes that could be fixed with quick release fixings. held over a partially iced aria to help melt the ice caps so it can be quickly released from its fixings as the ground became unstable and float on an anchor to a fixed spot during the process, Micro organisms could help with the prose's of managing the Terra forming.


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Miller-Urey Experiment

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