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On a Christmas lecture about ideing a vegetarian in the audience through DNA analysis.

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Bio-mass + water mass calculation for a balance of liquid for evaporation process

Holographic projection

Michael Ian Hammond - 2015 Date 05/09/2015 were all mater exists in one place before exploding and spewing out the stuff of life into the void
and creating the universe. - all matter then returns to its primal state. Black Hols of all sizes why do they exist ? - all mater and partials exists and if black hols are the engines to part of creation then they could be there as part of the propagation and copying of all materials down to the smallest of partials to help the evolution of natures existence.

Universe Theory types of Black Hols - Gravity well black hole were there is some thing so dense it creates the appearance of a black hole, a hole in space that has no suns or matter so it looks like a black hole, a worm hole were you can travel from one place to another, galaxy centered black holes, (are they black holes ? or do they exist like an eye in a cyclone) - relationship gravity well black hole were the matter that has been collected and become`s so heavy that it brakes through time and space creating a worm hole.

Quanteam thinking of Universe thery

Based on information regarding natural creation that exists in nature with a birth death Cycle, based on the fuel source of the sun's themselves, based on time and space and Einstein's theory of relativity,  based on the two dimensional plane of space, based on gravitational theories and mathematics, based on nature and how molecules and particles behave, based on cellular theory or cellular knowledge of how nature behaves on a very small scale but then can be magnified to a larger scale using the same forms and shapes there are created within nature and work together mathematically naturally and scientifically.

I started to think about certain things that I always used to contemplate in my life, I've always been interested in science and technology and have always followed the latest information when it comes to the latest theories in science and physics and quantum physics, my interest in the universe was recently fueled by NASA's race to get to Mars. The Mars project is something which has interested me ever since it started but my thoughts on space travel fueled by various projects regarding Voyager missions and the exploration of gathering knowledge. So it's got me thinking about universe theories regarding matter creation and how the big bang itself basically came about, so I started looking at nature and how nature worked and this got me interested in ecology and how it's important to be able to keep nature safe for the future of mankind to enable us to be able to manage resources to the point where we would be able to create the space travel that we would possibly need. Rockets that we would need to be able to get up and explore the great expanse of our universe. Started looking at all the theories regarding the universe and all of the theories relating to bubbled universes and the theories regarding matter within our own universe and was interested in researching all of the matter that exists within the universe including the matter which is known as dark matter.

Evolution Theory about missing links 05/09/2015

I would rather like to think of the universe as a bubble of liquid and that liquid would be the time and space were all the planetary systems exist. This brings me to think of the movements of matter as planets and galaxies, and the movements coursed by currents that would behave very similar to the currents of the oceans on earth were land and moon affect the currents of the sea, the currents within the oceans could be simeler to the universe currents. It would be a possible pointer towards bubble universes existing outside of our universe because the universe itself would be affected by outside sources in gravitational pulls just as the Moon affects the oceans and the tides. The actual flow of the currents within the universe could cores a swirling of the overall universe inertia, now if the universe has the current type flow then there is a good possibility that those currents actually deposit life in still areas of the universe which could explain why there are certain clusters of galaxies and star systems being held in place. It could also explain why it seems that there is a waveform within the star systems itself. Another area of the universe itself can perform separately from the rest of the universe where the star systems are so faraway from other clusters that they behave under there own mathematical model separate from the rest of the universe. When you look at an oceans and the way that the clearance work, were the currents deposit matter within still waters. Still waters hold to their own rules and laws relating to nature, that then would promote a certain idea when gravity and mass basically form together to create there own ecosystem like a galaxies, then those ecosystems still affect the overall universe movement because all of the star systems and mater. We know there are galaxies that wander, we know that they collide with each other, there must be a reason why they do this and if there is a form of control when it comes to currents, them when you look at the currents and the flow with an ecosystem it affects the overall ocean itself including those areas which are classed as being still & stable areas. Every now and then the currents move because of various external circumstances to make the star systems swirl and move in all direction, but the outside condition of a bubble universe might be that if these bubble universes exist then they probably are moving around creating all kinds of influences on our in our universe and if our universe is moving as well then that will also have an effect internally on the matter structure of the universe. Could the universe have a DNA ? are Black Hols Fractal generators of mathematical patination.? Galaxies linked with a black hole worm hole that ages and pulls the galaxies towards each other - black holes in galaxies do they copy the other galaxy and project it elsewhere  in the universes and as it  decays puling them together ?.

Theory of why galexes collide as the same type.

A Black hole in the center of a galaxy as an inverted hole linked to another galaxy and as the event horizon is held in place wether the matter at the other end of the hole starts to produse a new galaxy of the same type using the knowledge of the galaxy it is connected to and when it reaches it critical mass and balances the graverty it could do one of 2 things, creat no link to the galaxies but in unlinking it then starts a pull the galaxies together, this could produce a bubble of no matter in the center of a galaxy wich looks like a large ball of mater wich in turn could be dark matter centers to the galaxy this would produce a resistance to the ball of dark matter that would hold the galaxy in place because of its resistance of or to a vacuum.

Black holes in the center of the galaxies as an inverted black hole linked to another galaxies elsware in the univer

Theory of gravertons temporary volume of weight incorporated in a volume of waight

Call in dense particles of a chamber similar to a hadron collider tube.

Ship Weight

interia weight & (humans) varied whight = more particles called in to equalise overall volume.

Gravitons, dense particles - Dark Matter Chamber to rotate all particles at speed

If anything of weight can be seen as producing gravity regardless of size then an earth can be seen as a graverton. So dense particles no matter what size can produce gravity. Then if a chamber can be created to hold dense particles on a subatomic size then you may be abel to create artificial gravity under rotation to create a volume of gravity and if the volume can be incorporate into an object of weight, then the combination of all weight should be recognised in space.

If the gravertons in the chamber can be rotated at speed then the graverton ( dence particals ) should produse a volume of heavy gravity under a G force of rotation that creates a volume of gravity registering its own weight.  This may produse no affect in a vacume but the volume of graverty comes from the weight of dence particals that then incorporats the objects weight of the spaceship that then may produces evidence of weight in space. This should bring a gravity to the interior of the ship.

As all thing of weight move freely in space then the registration of a volume of graverty would have littel affect on the movement in space but be regestred in the object as a volume of graverty in its self. Exampal space station video from nasa were the heavy machinery for exorcise showed weight in motion. Then if the chamber can be created then the combination of particals and have the particals behave like a gyro system then it may be able to be incorprated in the process of producing gravity within a spaceship.

So if this can be stabalised then the chanber can be flushed and the ship become its origenal volume of wight when entering an atmosphere.

Hadron collider minicherisation for chambers that can be placed in a ship to create an arias of volume of gravity and then with a magnetic field may produce a unifying affect over the volumes of gravity. The value of this could be in its size and volume and the ship may need to be of a certain size of a volume for all of this to work.. Im not discounting the evolutionary growth of this form of new technology and if its posable then small ships could have gravity in the foucher .

Dark matter chamber in a power core and incorporated into a plasma chamber as one unit of an engen to help generate gravity over an overall wight in a spaceship. Central cylinder of a hadron potion of a pipe in the center of a spaceship a power core around the chamber of drak matter - Dark energy under rotation of particles and a plasma chamber around all of the technology.

Space station theory based on Quasars for power and stability for future development were power electricity and movement could all be possible. accelerated particles as in the new nasa engine.

Holovect: Holographic Vector Display Jaime Ruiz-Avila

Lazer three dimensional imagery of photonic manipulation to create an aray of light in space to capcher the light of space to create a full three dimentional image of space as a holographic image. Future development for navigation and piloting a nowne aria of space. Universe mapping of star systems.

Thery 2 electron the use of holographic images to creat power from the wave lenth by rotating dots of light over one another to generate a small
amount of power just like a wire over a plate;


Nature behaving like the universe

Thoughts of a new technique of fusion moulding

Metal frame for a window of a space station or shuttle or large vassal to make it air tight by heating the frame and glass while siting in its recess to molecularly bind the glass and metal together making a solid all in one unit with out faults due to the cooling process and pressure for good crystalline structure. Using the full range of the fire spectrum. Molecular structures to allow radiation waves to bonus off the surface based on light and how color reflects one cource.

Can the universe be dated accurately ?


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Renewable propellant for satellites

Bio Computer Fiber Tech

Ignition and controle

of a Gas Giant

Bio sinogy of the

interior of a space shuttle

Evolution of the Universe

Astral Wakes

Evidence of planets and sun`s that have been ejected out of there Solar Systems

Eye Nebula iris looks possibly like it do`s become the matter is being sucked up into the black hole creating tension with in the matter structure. are some eye nebular exploded suns that still have there corona burring at the outer edge of a black hole see image above.

Univers Helix Theory

Black Hole Singularity`is Critical Mass Theory.

is this how galaxes are made ?

Bio test for life to exist in deep space. Create a cylinder with plant life in and a  light system connected to a solar panel protected with a radiation shielding. with monitoring system.

Waste disposal for composting and the production of gas as a fuel for attitude correction in space.

How water became on earth ? from a barren world to and atmosphere.

Theory vacuum of space and the sun`s corona with hydrogen being radiated down to the planet  that is close to the sun and a combination of molecular changes to create water. Life forming in pockets under the crust and just above volcanic vents in vacuum ? and then giving off oxygen to combine with hydrogen to create water..

Positronic Holographic storage by using the light spectrum as a colour palette to store in a qube or plate using new plastics to hold the data in light., Cristal cubes and crystal plates,  Project plan simple lay out. Research for further development . M I Hammond Light Technology plan.

Wormhole Creation Theory

Wormholes for transportation using the eisnstines thery of wormholes and the observation of a real wormhole and the effect in the environment around the worm hole to try and calculate travel through using the knowledge of atoms to protect, creating a shield for a vestal to push the surrounding space and to help control the stability of the wormhole. Exiting the wormhole by using thrusters to slow down the re-entry and a computer calculation of A to B to guyed the transport. If a wormhole is produced that is unstable at the re-entry point the magnetic shield like an electron produces around a nucleus could hold the passage of an object through the unstable wormhole keeping it stable by pushing the time space in a strate  line so the re-entry point is a stable exit. Addition  Electromagnetic worm hole theory to create a worm hole using  2 electromagnetic hydrogen  metal magnet  wormhole devices close to each other: and then moving them apart to create a stable wormhole to test the distance and possible degradation of the worm hole..

theory 2 Closing one of  the devices down to try and create a ride wave of thrust to the end device.

hydrogen atom as an example of producing a magnetic shield like an electron casing.

Theory 3 Planetary atmospheric protection possible to hold gasses around a ship like atmosphere by rotating the electromagnetic shield to create the casing and then pump in an atmosphere into the casing around the ship to help create a bubble of oxygen

Theory 4 wormhole creation through resonance of space and a holding of the particles to form a wormhole.

Theory 5 A mixture of magnetics and resonance to traverse a wormhole through partical positive and negative vibration

Theory 6 Electromagnetic  shielding of a Hull to build a bubble of magnetic connected to a frequency of Dark Energy using the radio frequencies and then connected to navigation of a plotted course (distance).building posable temporary worm hole


F35 Lightning 2 would be a good contender for a new spacecraft

All Environmental Test Chamber for Planetary Conditions.

Example 1

A Room or chamber to simulate planetary conditions. Create A chamber that has hot magma and water to build up pressure and create a vent that can be used for testing new tech that would produse power.

Example 2

A Room that can be capable of producing Atmospheres for testing.

Simulate ground conditions Simulate magma

Simulate Atmosphere

Simulate pressure and so on

Dust Particles of the universe I see as the power of the sun due to there ability to sock up sunlight and in a cloud would be the driving force to create suns, the chemistry during this process would help to generate gasses like hydrogen and helium and other material to help propagate the ignition of the suns and once they have ignited other process would accrue and the chemistry of life would also be present in its early stages of growth.    

The different arias of the universe and there chemistry that produce the different types of suns  lead to the cores of the suns and the identifying of the different cores and its chemistry. This would lead to the different types of material held in the universes  and the possibility of life in its different  forms.